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Shazhu Bay, Zhongjiao
Address Zhongjiao Beach, Jinshan District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 208
Coordinate 121.55983°E  25.09107°N
Tel 886-2-29603456
Opening no

The north wind that blows through the concave terrain of the sand bay brings in ultra high waves at the bay all year round. This has made Zhongjiao Beach and the Shazhu Bay the favorite surfing spot in Northern Taiwan and many surfers are gathered here during the weekends and public holidays. There is a number of clubs that provide surfboard rentals and surfing lessons. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, you will find excitement at this beach. In addition, this is also the best spot to see one of the eight wonders in Jinshan –the “Twin Candles Isle”, which contains a pair of rocks that look like two candles looking at each other.
*Take the MRT Tamsui Line and exit Tamsui station. Transfer to any bus going to Shimen direction. Get off at “Jinshan”.
*Take the National Highway No. 1 and exit Taipei exchange. Go straight on Chongqing North Road, and turn left on Minzu West Road. Once you hit Chengde Road, turn left and keep going north. Go along Highway No.
2 towards north.