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A glorious time of gold washing


Take train from Ruifang to Jinguashi Station, now imagine how people in the early days would leave their hometown and make painstaking effort to go to Jinguashi and Jiufen just for a dream of gold. As time goes by, the mining industry is long past its prime but some tracks are still left. Let’s follow those tracks and go to Jinguashi and Jiufen to take a closer look.


 Jinguashi Gold Ecological Park

Gold Ecological Park is Taiwan’s first park combining ecology and museum, which contains museum, tunnel, shrine remains, Japanese dormitory, Crown prince Chalet, police station and post office. The Gold Museum exhibits the mining history, historical pieces and documents concerning the mining industry, as well as gold related knowledge. You may also touch a 220-kilogram 999% pure gold brick.

Address:No.8, Jinguang Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan

Jiufen Old Street

 Jiufen, because of the success of the film “A City of Sadness”, is one of the world’s tourism destinations in Taiwan. Jiufeng is a hillside village, from which people can look into port of Keelung and the majestic view of mountains and sea. It is also famous for its foggy and misty beauty.
Jiufen Old Street refers to Jishan Street and it is also called “Dark Alley” in former times. As a main street in Jiufen, Jishan Street contains numerous shops, some of which may hide in a narrow lane. Products selling there are of a wide variety. It is a popular scenic spot on weekend.

Address:Jishan St., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan

Jiufen Kite Museum

The Jiufen Kite Museum, established in June 1986, is the third museum that concerns the collection, teaching, performance and exhibitions of kites. First and second floors are the museum part, collecting excellent kites around the world and the kites that receive awards in the international kite competitions. This wide variety of kites is definitely worth of appreciating.
In addition to kites from Taiwan and the world, there is a “Kite Classroom” in Jiufen Kite Museum. In this Kite Classroom, people can learn how to make a kite or other kite-related craft, through which the art of kite can be promoted and the heritage of kite can be preserved.

Address:No.20, Kengwei Ln., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan

Jiufen Museum of Gold Mine

The prosperous past of gold mining is maybe far away, but the dream of being an overnight millionaire has never been forgotten. In the Gold Museum, we can see a small mine tunnel named “No.9 Tunnel” and a rail running through the tunnel. The mine car on the rail, together with miners’ caps with lamps on top, mortars and woods scattering in the tunnel, concretely and precisely reconstructs the mining scene, showing its past to all the passengers.

Address:No.66, Shipi Ln., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan

No.5 Tunnel

This pit was dug in 1927, and the dirt at that time was transported via an air duct to the mineral pounding plant at the bottom of the mountain (next to where Songde Recreation Center used to be) to be smashed. There was a light rail passing through the opening of the pit. It was originally managed by the Japanese and then turned over to Jiuda Corp. after the Retrocession. In 1971, mining came to a complete stop. For the sake of the safety of residents and visitors, all the tunnels have been sealed off. In front of the pit, there is a small community garden platform for recreational purpose, from which people can enjoy the ocean view of Badouzi.

Address:Qingbian Rd., Ruifang Dist., New Taipei City 224, Taiwan