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A day trip to Alibang Eco-Farm


In addition to its beautiful beach and seascape, the Northeast is especially famous for its beautiful coastline and igneous rocks. The coastal cape formed by volcanic activities, Laomei Green Reef formed by waves lashing against the igneous rocks, green algae full of vitality, as well as Fugueijiao Lighthouse full of history can all be seen here. Why not pay Northeast a visit on weekend? Here you can see how green algae grows in the tough environment, how the nature sculptures its own works. You can also go the Alibang Eco-Farm nearby to hear insects and birds, and to watch firefly dance. 


Linshanbi Recreation Area

About 100 thousand years ago, Zhuzi volcano of Tatun Volcanic Group erupted and the magma flowed towards the sea. The cooled magma then formed Linshan Cape. Some andesite was also left. These firm rocks, because of the erosion of wind and sand over time, have different postures standing along the coastline. These ventifacts therefore become the representative landscape in Linshan Cape. Tourist can walk along the wooden trail on sea dike to enjoy the scenery of the north coast.

Address:Linshanbi, Shimen Dist., New Taipei City 253, Taiwan

Fugueijiao Lighthouse

Fugueijiao Lighthouse, built in the period under Japanese rule, was originally used for the construction of a submarine cable. The lighthouse was afterwards renovated after the World War II and functioned as an aid to navigation for maritime pilot at sea. This pepper-and-salt lighthouse sees waves lashing against rocks, sees sunrise and sunset, the sea surface glittering, the sun dance (Gaillardia pulchella) with the breeze, fishermen's hardworking, and witnesses the changes of the North Coast. Its unique style and centurial history add more cultural touches to the landscape.

Address:Fuguijiao, Shimen Dist., New Taipei City 253, Taiwan

Laomei Green Reef

The Laomei Green Reef in the Shimen district in the north coast is truly a unique spot as it is the only place in Taiwan with such an incredible view. The green reef is volcanic lava remained after the eruption of Datun volcano. The loose and soft part cut by waves through the years becomes the ditches in between. With the Northeast Monsoon blowing every winter, waves lash the rocks, which create a humid environment conducive to the growth of green algae such as sea lettuce (ulva lactuca) and ulva compressa on the surface of the reefs. Every year in April, the unique scene of flourishing green algae on reef always attracts a lot of tourists. As green algae may disappear under sunshine, this seasonal landscape thus brings surprises for the trip to the Northeast.

Address:Laomei Vil., Shimen Dist., New Taipei City 253, Taiwan


Alibang Eco-Farm

The Alibang Eco-Farm in Shimen District of New Taipei City is famous for its rich ecological resources. The landforms and ecological environment are both well protected. The eco-farm is a remodeling from a cottage and has an area about 10 hectares. The objective of the Alibang Eco-Farm at the beginning of establishment is to give kids a ecological class full of surprises and inspirations by means of "term deposit of the nature". Therefore, in recent decades,, Alibang Eco-Farm have endeavored to preserve and protect the ecological environment. The environment keeps changing without human disturbance, and multiple ecosystems of stream, lake, wetland forest etc. are formed. This environment also nurtures various animal species such as the protected grass frog, about 10 species of dragonfly and about 100 species of butterfly. This eco-farm is a treasury of nature for kids.

In the eco-farm, if you keep your eyes open you will find surprises everywhere: beetles resting on trees, eagles flying above, or the scent of wild ginger flower. You can walk on the shady path in the farm, see the lights spread through the space between leaves and the swinging tree shadows. You can also follow the hiking trails to experience the original beauty of the forest. Arriving at the destination of hiking trails, you will see fish and shrimp swimming happily under the clear Alibang stream. Bird-watching is another choice and you will see birds flying and jumping among the forest. If you feel a little tired, you can rest on benches at riverside, seeing the reflections on lake or lotuses and water lilies competing for their beauty. You can also go the ponds and hear frogs croaking. You may as well participate in eco-farm's evening ecological tour and see fireflies flying around. All of these are good choices for visitors.

In addition to the preservation and protection of ecological environment, the Alibang Eco-Farm also organizes various ecological tours and trains professional ecological tour guides. These tour guides, in a vivid and vigorous manner, lead visitors to observe the ecological environment and protophytes, through which visitors can understand nature's mysteries and therefore suitable for parents and kids to have an ecological investigation. You can go by car on the weekend or during the work holidays to have a ecological experience in depth, rediscovering the beauty of nature, bringing back childhood memories and creating wonderful memories with kids.

Address:No.84, Alibang, Shimen Dist., New Taipei City 253, Taiwan