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1.Flow Chart of Visa Application



The applicant submits application documents to an overseas Taiwanese trade office  or de-facto embassy.
Consular officer reviews the documents and interviews the applicant when necessary
Cases requiring further review should be referred to the Bureau of Consular Affairs for approval
Guarantor in ROC submits a letter of Guarantee for Visa Application to the Bureau of Consular Affairs
Notify the overseas mission to issue visa
Issuing Visa
Enter the ROC before expiration date of the visa  

2.Countries Eligible for Visa-exempt entry

A. 30-day visa-exempt entrance:Asia Pacific: Australia, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore
                                                             North America: The United States
B. 90-day visa-exempt entrance:Asia Pacific: Japan and New Zealand
                                                             North America: Canada
                                                            Europe: The U.K, Ireland, Austria, Belgium,  Denmark, Finland,   France, Germany Greece, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Malta, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Vatican, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus

C. Requirements of visa-exempt entry:1. A passport with validity of at least six months upon entry (visa-exempt entry is applicable to holders of formal, official and diplomatic passports, not including those holding temporary other informal passports or travel documents).
2. A confirmed return air/sea ticket or an air/sea ticket and a visa for the next destination, and a confirmed seat reservation for departure
3. No criminal record or previous prohibitions by local authorities

Note: Japanese citizens are entitled to enter with a passport valid for more than three months; Holders of emergency or temporary passports shall submit their visa applications to Taiwan's trade offices in their countries or apply for landing visa upon arrival at Taoyuan or Kaohsiung International Airports.

※Landing Visa

1.   For holders of emergency or temporary passports from countries eligible for visa-exempt entry  
      with passport validity more than 6 months                           
2.   For U.S holders of passport with validity less than 6 months
3.  Requirements
                          A. confirmed return air ticket or an air ticket with a visa for the next destination,  
                                        and a confirmed seat reservation for dep
B. Completed Visa application form and a photo
C. isa fee NTD1,600 (USD50. Free of charge for nationals from countries providing visa fee exemption based on reciprocal agreement) plus a handling fee of NTD800 (USD24). For U.S. citizens, please consult note 2.

D. No criminal record found after examination by Taiwan airport/local authorities

4. Method of Entry:
A. Passengers entering the Republic of China through the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport may apply for a landing visa at the Visa Office of Consular Affairs Bureau at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
B. Passengers who enter the Republic of China through Taipei SongShan Airport, the Taichung Airport and the Kaohsiung International Airport shall apply for  "temporary entry permit" at  Border Affairs Corps of  National Immigration Agency. To avoid getting a bad record in Taiwan, the holder of this permit should apply for a visa as soon as possible at the Bureau of Consular Affairs or at either of the branch offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taichung or Kaohsiung. In the event of a long national holiday, holders may apply for a visa at Taoyuan International Airport (TIA) Visa Office, Bureau of Consular Affairs.

5. Duration of Stay: The 30-day duration of stay starts from the next day of arrival. The stay can neither be extended nor converted to a resident or visitor visa with other duration of stay.

Note 1: Holders of U.S. passports with validity less than 6 months may apply for a visa at a Taiwanese Trade Office with the charge of NTD4,200 (USD140). They may also apply for visa upon arrival at ports of entries with a total charged NTD5,000 (USD164), including handling fee of NTD4,200 (USD140) plus an additional of NTD800 (USD24)

ote 2: Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3~5F, No.2-2, Section1, Jinan Road, Taipei City