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Taiwan Nougat Museum Day Trip


As spring turns into summer each year, the Tung blossoms begin to bloom everywhere. The spectacular sight of trees covered in white flowers led to the saying: "The Tung whitens the tops of the trouble-free mountains".

The Chengtian Templeand Tung Blossom Park in Tucheng are superb for admiring May snow. Chengtian Templeis set in quiet and solemn surroundings while the view from the front square of the distant Guanyin Mountain and Taipei Basin takes your breath away. The park has extensive facilities that allow visitors to indulge in a variety of recreational activities. Even if it is raining, walking through the rain and viewing the Tung blossoms that cover the hillside have its own charms. Alternatively, pay your respects at the Damugong Anonymous Graveyard where history is inscribed in blood and sweat. Finally, the Taiwan Nougat Museum offers nougat candy in many different flavors, wedding cake gift boxes or museum souvenirs as something to take home from this wonderful journey of culture and nature.



Cheng Tian Buddhist Monastery

Chengtian Templeon Chengtian Rd. in Tucheng is a well-known Buddhist site in Taipei. The green eaves and white wall stand out among the thick wood. The faint sounds of Buddhist chanting make the surroundings feel all the more tranquil. This area has been one of the favorite nature trails in Taipei for many years.

In recent years, word has also spread of "The area around Chengtian Templeis where the Tung blossoms snow in April".

Address:No.96, Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan


Tucheng Tung Blossom Park

The Tucheng Tung Blossom Park is located at the end of Chengtian Rd. in Tucheng District near Cheng Tian Buddhist Monastery. The nearby woods have many tropical tree species so when spring turns into summer each year, the Tung blossoms cover the hillside in broad swathes of snow white. Other facilities within the Tung Blossom Park include the water wooden trestle, lookout platform, charcoal kilns, tea platform, observation deck, triangular suspension bridge, climbing net, glow worm rehabilitation area and pavilions. Visitors to the park can indulge in a wide variety of recreational activities.

Address:Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan

Three Thousand Brew House

Three Thousand Brew House has no distinctive signage and only hosts small gatherings of wine drinkers. The imitation antique furniture radiates a sense of calm and reserve while the indigo-dyed tablecloth gives the brew house a touch of Zen. Chen Sancian runs the brew house with his son and even the logo was designed with painstaking care. The three red and black circles is play on how his name sounds like "Three Circles" in Chinese and implies the Taiwanese saying "red is beautiful, black shows taste".

To protect the wine, visitors are asked to not smoke. Only small groups of up to 6 or 7 are accepted and booking in advance is required. The brew house welcomes those interesting in wine tastings.

Address:1F., No.13, Ln. 55, Zhongyi Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan


Taiwan Nougat Museum

Salico Foods traces its origins back to 1956 when the founder Mdm. Liou-Peng Yu introduced nougat candy from Hong Kong and set up "Dahesong Nougat". Decades, her son Qiu Yirong and his wife Ceng Cuinuo launched the Salico brand of wedding cakes. In recognition of the fact that Salico would not have been possible without Dahesong, the two brands were formally merged in 1985 to become "Dahesong Salico". The interior of the Nougat Museum has a nostalgic theme. Apart from exhibits of cultural relics such as grocery stores, tricycles and rain gear, there are also traditional wedding and engagement presents. Traditional Chinese wedding customs are also introduced in detail to give the general public used to modern simplicity an idea of the wedding culture in the old days. Exhibits on the origins of cakes as well as the tools and baking processes are also shown. The Museum not only shows bakers at work it also has live nougat-making performances. Visitors can watch the bakers create the candy and enjoy the freshly-made nougat right away. DIY pineapple cake workshops are held as well so visitors can make their own pineapple cakes with bakers' help. The baked results are packaged and boxed so you can take them home with you. Both of the activities must be booked in advance. Reservations for the current day are not accepted.

Address:No.31-2, Ziqiang St., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City 236, Taiwan