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Kong Yen Cultural Center Day Trip


Tah An Kong Yen Food Co. Ltd. was established in 1941 and has now opened the Kong Yen Cultural Center to the public. The center features exhibits on over fifty years of company history, vinegar and nostalgic cultural relics. If a tour of the Kong Yen Cultural Center is not enough, the Japanese architecture of A Drop Water Memorial is worth a visit. The old house was unscathed by the Kobe Earthquake and was re-assembled in Taiwan. Tied to the main bean is a pair of sandals. In Japanese tradition, the sandals represent a commitment to settle down. In other words, the house has made Taiwan its new home. A Drop of Water Memorial was built completely using Japanese techniques. The beams, joists and woven bamboo mud walls make use of no nails at all. A Japanese garden complements the traditional Japanese house.

After the hundred-year old timber-built residence, why not drop by the popular Longshan Temple, Tamsui  nearby? Longshan Temple, Tamsui  was built in 1851 during the Qing Dynasty. The temple is dedicated to Guanyin Budda and is one of the five Longshan Temples built in Taiwan. It is the center of belief for migrants from the Jinjiang, Hui-an and Nan-an districts of Quanzhou, traditionally known as "Sanyi". From there, you can continue on to the well-known Mangrove Nature Reserve. The 76 hectares of pure Kandelia c mangrove forest is the largest in the world. Found mostly in the river deltas and on the seashore of tropical and sub-tropical areas, the Kandelia are viviparous evergreen trees nicknamed "Water Pens" because of their pen-shaped seedlings.



Kong Yen Cultural Center

The "Kong Yen Cultural Center" uses guided tours, DIY workshops and cooking classes to introduce the many uses of "Vinegar" to the general public. The factory is filled with the fragrance of vinegar and every step of the production process is on display. More than sixty years of packaging are exhibited as well including grass ropes used for tying bottles in the early year and large vinegar barrels made from cypress timber. These relics and techniques are rarely found today.

Tah An Kong Yen Food Co. Ltd. was established in 1941 and has been producing "Kong Yen Vinegar" for 71 years. The Cultural Center not only brings back the memories of those 71 years for visitors but also features shopping bags, bottles, bottle caps, grass ropes, bottles tied with grass ropes, advertising signs, promotional giveaways and production tooling used over the years. The six themed areas help visitors learn about the philosophy of living naturally at Kong Yen. In the first area, the vinegar hand wash shows how natural ingredients can be used for cleaning and killing bacteria. Next comes the interactive area and historical relics area that introduce visitors the past and present of Kong Yen. The multimedia area, DIY workshop area, as well as product display and sales area all provide rest and dining services. Many school excursions, community tours and families have visited the cultural center to date, making it a new Tamsui attraction that combines learning through play, family interaction, tourism and leisure.  

Address:No.46-7, Pidao, Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan




A Drop of Water Memorial

A Drop of Water Memorial is a 100 year-old timber built private residence that was relocated from the Fukui Prefecture in Japan to Tamsui, Taiwan. The house is not only an extension of Taiwan-Japanese cultural exchange but also the spiritual bastion for international community development. The Memorial also houses the "Minakami Tsutomu Collection" and "Chen Shunchen Collection" to promote exchanges between modern Japanese and Taiwanese literature. The building techniques used in the 100-yeare old house are of great research value as well.

Address:No.30, Ln. 6, Sec. 1, Zhongzheng Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan

Longshan Temple, Tamsui

The five Longshan Temples in Taiwan are located at Tamsui, Mengjia, Lugang, Tainan and Fengshan. The Longshan Temple, Tamsui  has now been designated a class 3 historic building and is the most unusually situated temple in Tamsui. The Longshan Temple is dedicated to Guanyin, and in the early years, it was set in elegant surroundings with a temple square and rear garden. The temple buildings feature exquisite carvings and there are historic stone steles, doorway plaques and stone columns on the grounds. The temple's proportions are longer than usual, giving it a mysterious temple within a temple ambience.

Address:No.22, Ln. 95, Zhongshan Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan



Mangrove Nature Reserve/Ecological Exhibition Hall

Want to observe the ecology of the mangroves up close? Hongshulin in Mangrove is the perfect place. Following the wooden trestles into the Mangrove Nature Reserve brings you to the river delta wetlands where fiddler crabs and mudskippers make their home in the littoral belt. This is also a national bird conservation area where more than 20 rare species can be seen. Apart from taking a walk along the scenic trails in the Mangrove Nature Reserve, you can also visit the "Mangrove Ecological Exhibition Hall". The exhibition hall hosts static displays using pictures, information walls, posters and multimedia equipment to educate the general public about the ecology of the mangrove forest.

Address:2F., No.68, Sec. 2, Zhongzheng E. Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City 251, Taiwan